Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Missoni

Long story short? Mission accomplished!

I probably should be ashamed that I participated in the chaos yesterday that will forever be known as #targettuesday (a close relative of Black Friday) on Twitter. But looking back on the events of yesterday, do I regret frantically grabbing an XL sweater from the children’s line? Or hiding merchandise behind my back before the glamazon with the slicked back bun and skinny jeans standing across the aisle could get her hands on it? Absolutely not. It was amazing! 

I will admit this freely—I am a sucker for advertising! Seriously…even infomercials are a weakness. Friends and family have been known to restrain me from running to the phone and ordering Proactive every time dewy-skinned Jennifer Love Hewitt promises me it will change my life—keep in mind that I’m actually allergic to this product! And still I buy into the hype.

So when those mod, James Bond-ish Target commercials started coming out, and when I saw Missoni prints at affordable prices all over my favorite blogs and magazines? Please. I was doomed from the beginning. Let this photo be a lesson to you all—it’s what happens when you have no willpower! 

And yet, despite my new awareness that I need to enroll in/become the president of USA (unwise shoppers anonymous), #targettuesday was an absolute blast! My mom and I arrived at Target ‘A’ with Starbucks in hand, grabbed child sized vests and sweaters and snagged one patterned top from the adult line. Target ‘B’ (we couldn’t stop at just one) was equally successful—I conspired with an employee and scored a coveted pair of size 7.5 patterned flats from the backstock. I paid $29 for those babies—and they’re currently marked up to $130 on EBay, thank-you-very-much! Also in our big take: six Missoni mugs, a darling serving platter, a tie for my dad, and a set of makeup travel bags I plan on using 24/7 in France. 

Please don’t judge me, but I went back this morning and bought a skirt someone had returned. It’s a child’s XL. I saved the receipt in case I feel like taking it back and reclaiming a bit of my dignity. 

But on second thought…it’s just so CUTE. 

… … … .

P.S. a few pics from Fashion’s Night Out this past weekend. There were amazing events all over Dallas, but I celebrated FNO by attending a fashion show/dessert showcase extravaganza with my beautiful mom at the Neimans in Willowbend. 

… … … .

I am so into leopard right now! (Further proof that I’m a sucker for advertising? Don’t answer that). And how about that so-not-totally-forced model face? We were both supposed to do it. Mom backed out.

Look familiar? This is the Alice + Olivia jacket I posted about on my “fall fashion” blog! So obsessed…need to buy…

Waiting for the models to rock the runway

P.S.S. if you’ve ever read my blog before, you may have noticed the name change! I loved writing under Lattes in L.A. - but it didn’t make sense to keep the name anymore since, well, I’m no longer living in Los Angeles! As of September 30th, I’ll be living in France. And after that, who knows? So I decided to stick with a name that will always be representative of me, no matter where I am or who I’m with. I really can’t live without decaf coffee or homemade desserts. So if the shoe fits…(please, you know I’ll buy it). 

Did you participate in Missoni Madness? Need to join USA with me? Let me know—every founder needs a good co-founder (shopping buddy). xo

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