Saturday, September 24, 2011

California Cool

As excited as I am to share the rest of my French adventure story with y’all (see part one here), I have to briefly interrupt myself to share the jaw-droppingly amazing fashion of my beautiful friends in California, who I surprised during a last minute trip to Malibu this weekend!

By the way, did you like the new word I just made up? Jaw-droppingly. I’m kind of into it.

Back to the story. How amazingly indie and hip are these people? 

Sometimes I can’t believe I know them. Here’s a group shot of what things are really like when we all get together:

And here’s our totally contrived model moment:

Needless to say, my little visit to SoCal has completely re-inspired my take on fall fashion. Who needs InStyle with friends like these?

Who’s your fashion inspiration? Where do you turn first for a fresh take on style—friends, magazines, style blogs?

More en français next time, oui? 


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