Monday, January 17, 2011

The Intern Diaries

Is it ironic that one of my new year’s resolutions was to spend less time talking about other people and that I’m currently interning at a celebrity gossip magazine?

Don’t answer that. Day 1 was fun! I scoured around for inspiration pictures to help me think of something fun to wear, and pretty much fell back on a version of the JCrew “uniform” I always seemed to sport a version of during my days in retail. But you can never go wrong with the Crew, right? Right!

During my weekend what-the-heck-do-I-wear search I came across a few faaaa-bulous ensembles that I have to share. Hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

Per the suggestion of my roommate, I left about 30 minutes earlier than necessary and showed up so early at work that I had plenty of time to walk across Wilshire and grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. That was my first Starbs run of the day—the second would come later, when I went back with the other US intern to grab coffee and scones for the office. Venti steamed vanilla chai soy latte with no water, anyone? Anyway, the barista (he was there both times I went) called me darlin’, which somehow put me at ease as I polished off my bagel and banana with a half-caf Americano on the patio before returning to the office building where US and Rolling Stone are housed. Livin’ the dream.

I was so thankful for my JCrew’d out ensemble when I met the West Coast Editor soon after arriving at the office. In her ultra skinny jeans, suede red pumps, oversized white tunic and crisp coral manicure, she could have stepped right out of the pages of the catalogue. And yes—she even has a British accent. Half the office was in sweats thanks to a sleepless night spent exporting the Golden Globes issue to New York, but the other half was dressed per usual in all the glamour that editorial journalism stands for; dark wash denim, high heeled booties, slouchy tops, and oversized shades.

It’s a world I always knew existed, and I’m so excited to get to sit in on a little slice of it. Even if it does mean carting buckets of caffeine to and from the little Starbs on Wilshire. xx.

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