Tuesday, January 4, 2011


That’s my mantra for 2011, if you were wondering. Yes, really!

Here are the ways not to interpret my new go-to word:

- in a Valley Girl-esque drawl, i.e. “Whateverrrrrrrr.”

- as another way of saying “I could care less about life.”

- as the response of a coach potato/bum to any question, i.e. “Do you want to bathe? Go out and try to get a job?” “Whatever.”

- as a less X-rated version of screaming “F-off, world!” (sorry, I know that’s a little tacky)

None of those come close to summing up the meaning of my whatever, because my whatever is a positive thing. For me, it means that I’m 100% open to whatever God has for me. after my internship this summer, for LITERALLY the first time in my life, i have zero plans for my life, career, income, future, etc…and i’m excited about it! Over the past few years I guess it’s just finally clicked; I’ve realized that fear is futile, and worry robs the joy of the present by suffocating you with anxiety about a future that can’t be controlled or foretold (that one comes from my dad’s arsenal of wisdom. shout-out pops!)

The coolest, most freeing thing about living sans-fear is that it opens up the doors of possibility. This 2011, I’m resolving to go on a few adventures in full anticipation that great things come when we acknowledge that the only closed doors are the ones we refuse to let ourselves believe we’re capable of opening. That being said, here are my New Year’s Resolutions (I guess this means I have to keep them!):

- to dream big without apologizing for it

- to start a business with my friends (a successful one!)

- to make exciting connections

- to embrace my unknown future

- to live one day at a time

- to always give thanks

- to remember that I am not living for myself, but for my Creator, that in all things I might reflect His grace more

Be on the lookout for new blog posts. I’m blessed to be working at an internship with US Weekly Magazine this semester, so I should have some fun stories to share!


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