Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday in Saint-Tropez

You know those places you read about in magazines? The ones where Johnny Depp and Brangelina & Co. go to “get away” from their exhausting lives?

I definitely visited one of those places today—because you know, I just had to get away from Monaco. It’s kind of like how Brad and Angie just have to get away from Hollywood parties and premieres every once in a while. All the glamour can just get so routine, right?

*Attention: please note that the above is intended to be interpreted as outrageously sarcastic.

Is this real life?

It should also be noted that I almost left the house wearing Nike shorts and a sweatshirt today, because I thought we were going to the lake. My experiences with lakes are as follows: boats linked up to one another at party cove, lots of people drinking beers, dirty water, zero make-up, and wakeboarding past an occasional dead fish floating belly up in the water. Also, the occasional whiff of a nearby dumpster.

(That may sound awful, but I actually love the whole grungy experience exactly the way it is. Just trying to set a scene…)

But the lake we stopped by today on the way to the beach was more like this: French people, slalom skis, expert spray shooting up around buoys, professionally driven ski boats, clean water, picnics, and a body of water that is comparable in size to a pond in Texas. And everyone was beautiful, and athletic, and not wearing Nikes and sweatshirts.

Thank goodness I changed in time for the beach!

Here’s our day trip to Saint-Tropez, in pictures. I kind of think they speak for themselves.

Senequier—the place to be in Saint-Tropez, since 1887.

Regarde: a recent Chanel street fashion show that took place outside the Senequier. 

Bonjour, Karl Lagerfeld.

And speaking of Chanel:

What’s that? Oh, just a little something-something Chez-Chanel rents for the summers.

Love this photo.

Have I really only been here for one week? It feels more like a month—and I mean that in all the best ways possible!

A (French) toast: here’s to espressos by the harbor, using sea salt as a hair product, wearing bathing suits in October, and eating chocolate at the end of every meal. Even breakfast.



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