Saturday, October 15, 2011

1 cat, 2 goats, and a Roman Ruin

Such were the things that filled my afternoon on Thursday.

Welcome to La Turbie, a charming little village tucked away into the mountains. It’s primary attractions are: wonderful espressos, sidewalk cafes, a perfume store, tiny, medieval looking residences, stray cats (the cute kind you see in fairtyale books, not the “run-away-it-has-diseases” kind), and a very impressive reconstructed Roman ruin.

I think quaint is the perfect word to describe La Turbie. Don’t you?

So storybook perfect, cette chat.

I honestly was in awe as I walked the grounds around the ruin. As previously mentioned, I LOVE history and museums. And while there’s plenty of history in America, it’s all relatively recent compared to the myriad of conquests, settlements, monuments, and general grandeur of the European past. I mean, this is a Roman ruin. I go jogging on Roman roads. I don’t think that will ever be un-cool to me! That being said…

Here’s a little history lesson:

The Trophie d’August was built ages and ages ago (more specifically, during the time of Caesar) as a symbol of Roman dominion, later destroyed by Christians who saw it as a symbol of paganism, reconstructed during the time of Louis XIV as a watch tower, then destroyed again. Rebuilding took place throughout the 1900s, and the structure we see today was re-composed using original stones archeologists found scattered throughout the village, having been incorporated into other structures.

I feel smarter. Do you feel smarter? Good.

Can you even see me in these next few pictures? I was wearing a neon green sweater, but still…I look so small that spotting me is practically like playing “Where’s Waldo?”

These little mountain climbers greeted me on the walk down from the ruin! The (very) French groundskeeper thought my enthusiasm for taking their picture was quite amusing.

But they seemed to love posing for the camera.

Last night we went to dinner at a bar called Stars and Bars. It’s on the pier in Monaco, but owned by a woman from Austin, TX. So cool, right?

That’s apple pie in the picture, by the way. Apparently the French are as fascinated by all things Americana as we are by all things Francais! Loved hearing all of the very American orders placed in a very French accent. I’ll have the “cheez-bar-geure” (cheesburger), please.

They had an assortment of American food on the menu including quesadillas, fried jalapeno cheese peppers (so glad THAT healthy dish was exported…embarrassing), mountain-sized brownies with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and even peach tea. The only thing missing? Enchiladas, and also this beautiful, beautiful dish:

I’d kill for a bowl of that fromage right now! It may not be fancy, and it is probably the worst thing in the world for your body. And your heart. And I’m sure it can’t be good for your skin, either…but those are small sacrifices for the kind of happiness only a bowl of Texas queso can bring. MiCo, I miss you!

I think that’s all for now! But really, how amazing is it that things like this exist?

bisous! xo

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