Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's play catch-up

If there are any long-time bloggers out there who happen to stumble across this looks-like-I've-been-blogging-forever, but actually-really-inconsistent piece of cyberspace, please answer this question:

How do you keep coming up with (interesting) things to write about?

Please don't direct me to your post/the cupcakes & cashmere post/any other post on blogging "how-tos and FAQS"...I've probably read all of them, anyway. I'm not looking for info on how to gain a massive following, here — just admitting that I feel lame talking about what I ate for dinner and what my favorite shade of Essie nail polish is. Does anyone seriously care about that stuff? Other than you, mom.

I'm pretty sure that I don't have writer's block, because, well...I'm a writer. I've finished my first novel manuscript and am currently working on a sassy + fun how-to book.

I still don't think this means that people care about my nail polish preferences. (Although for the record, I love neutrals, coral, and turquoise...AKA, our wedding colors).

Anyway — that was kind of an aside, but I'd love for you to leave your thoughts in the comment box. How do you determine what content is blog-worthy, and what's just TMI?


On another note, Labor "Day" should be renamed "Gain 5+ Pounds Weekend." Hubs and I took a 10-hour road trip and met up with the in-laws in Alabama (does this count as a travel post?), and oh-my-gosh-like-wow did we eat some food. From the fancy to the straight southern fixins, we dined and whined (about how full our stomachs were) all weekend long. We're talking barbeque, mac and cheese, potato salad, deviled eggs, duck tacos, orange danish rolls, and eight trips (okay, three) to Steel City Pops.

I wish I had my own picture to share, but I was too busy eating.
 This one is courtesy of

These pops are LEGIT, y'all. Which is probably why they were just featured in Southern Living Magazine. Personal fav: the coconut pop. It had real toasted coconut flakes at the bottom, and tasted just like the paletas I became addicted to on our honeymoon in the Riviera Maya.
Chowing down on some home-style BBQ. We love you, Alabama.

Although this post may lead you to believe otherwise, the purpose of our trip was NOT to take a culinary tour of Alabama. We actually had to do big-kid stuff, like packing all of my husband's belongings + extra wedding presents into our car. To distract ourselves from menial tasks such as these, we watched football and took touristy breaks. 

Myself and Vulcan, the symbol(s) of Birmingham

I wish I had taken lots of awesome photographs with my real, non-iPhone camera and then compiled a "GO-SEE-DO" list for Birmingham. But living life takes priority over blogging, you know?

The good news: We now officially have all of our earthly belongings under one roof, meaning I can finally start posting apartment transformation pics, woohoo! InStyle Home, here we come.



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  1. I keep a little notebook where I jot down ideas as I get them. I might not actually blog about them at that exact moment, but then when I'm stuck, I can always find a great list of prompts. (It's actually more like a collection of scraps of paper bunched together with a rubber band, because I'm never near my blogging notebook when I have an idea!). I also keep a journal, which I would never share, as it's completely private, but sometimes things I write about there trigger ideas for my blog. Good luck! X Jane

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Great advice. I just started a "note" in my a virtual journal :).


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