Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Colors, round two

On Thursday evening, Taylor and I attended (ready for a mouthful?) the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children "Summer Colors" art show and auction. Reasons why our night was both spectacular and super-cultured: I'm a former patient of the hospital, I was a featured artist at the show, and it was our first grown-up event to attend together.

Oh...and I got to introduce everyone to "my husband, Taylor." Aw!

Auction tables before guest arrival | Photo: Summer Colors

This year I donated two pieces, which I created using a brand-new medium for me—tissue paper! Both went home with happy winning bidders, and all proceeds went straight to the hospital. Yeah!

"Golden Girl"


Plus, I got to introduce the hubs to my amazing friend Desmond Blair, another former (and totally famous) TSRHC patient and featured Summer Colors artist. So like I said, our night was a win-win-win.

P.S. Y'all, Des is one of the most talented up-and-coming artists out there, and completely inspirational to boot. As in, he paints without hands (in fact, he was born without them). Do yourself a favor and check out his website here. While you're at it, watch this video of him doing this thing live. Insane!

P.S.S. Totally saw one of my FAV (and internationally known!) artists, Jennifer Moreman, get into a bidding war for "Release." Almost passed out in front of her, but that would have been uncool for obvious reasons. So color me flattered, and be sure to check out her gorgeous work by clicking on the link above.

Until next year, Summer Colors! 


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