Friday, February 11, 2011

Better Late Than...

You know the rest! Life/school has been crazy lately, so I haven’t exactly had the time (or necessary inspiration) to write in the past few weeks.

Fun update from work: I got to shadow a reporter to an event last weekend that turned out to be amazing! We covered The Bachelor/The Bachelor Pad’s L.A. reunion party. While stalking the bar, I saw a few familiar faces from Jake, Jillian, and Ali’s seasons of the show. Check out the line-up of obsessed-with-themselves pseudo stars who spent last Saturday night lounging around the Hilton Universal’s hotel bar:



Highlights of the night include seeing the real-life tattoo of Kasey Khan (who trademarked the now famous “I promise to guard and protect your heart” slogan) peeking out from under a muscle tee, and having my dinner interrupted by the one and only Vienna. “Hey love,” she said with a made-for-TV smile, “do you mind if I steal this chair from you?” I forced myself to keep from immediately digging my iPhone out of my bag to text my father (and fellow bachelor fan) as she dragged it to the table next to mine so that some really hot ex-bachelor contestant that I didn’t recognize could sit next to her. 

P.S.—she’s cuter in real life than she was on the show! Letting go of the extensions was a positive move. Also, apparently she’s gunning to be the next Bachelorette now! Check out this article on the current Wes/Vienna/Gia love triangle US has been covering:

On another note, since the editor of US was out of the office, I got to leave my internship early today. Which is great, because aside from transcribing an interview and posting a few layouts of next week’s issue on the wall, today in the office basically consisted of me running to Starbucks to grab lattes for myself and the other intern (seriously, what is it about holding a coffee cup that makes one feel so empowered and professional? And cool). So since I had some spare time, I took the opportunity to explore a few of the stores near the office building that I’ve been dying to look around. I went by two thrift stores and an antique store called Paris Antiques—I LOVE thrifting/antiquing and always get such a rush when I find a hidden gem. Kinda like this one!

Yes, that’s right. Those are Chanel earrings. I’m pretty sure they’re real, too! I found them at the dinkiest little thrift store in the middle of Little Ethiopia (yes, this is a real place…it’s just a few blocks away from Wilshire!) The man who owned the store didn’t seem to have any idea of their value, so I ended up snagging them for…get this…40 dollars. My roommate says that this practically constitutes stealing. But I say it’s just a stinkin’ great deal! Additional finds include an amazing beaded necklace with a jade pendant, a snake pin that I thought would spice up my work blazers, and a colorful scarf made from Indian silk. I may have gotten a little carried away, but everything was so well priced that I couldn’t resist. Here are a few pictures from the quirky little store:

The antique store, unfortunately, was too expensive for a girl working a non-paying internship. But I had a blast checking out everything they had stocked the showroom with. The majority of their stock was French/vintage, and they had an insane collection of Pucci scarves, Gucci bags, mink stoles, canvas prints, photographs, furniture, and Prada shoes. Basically, Paris Antiques is heaven. Check out these pictures of the showroom!

I’ll try to update sooner rather than later next time. xxo

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