Monday, September 6, 2010

Jen Aniston and other important things

Before I begin on this blogging adventure, I suppose that a small introduction is necessary. I’m Karley, I’m a Texas girl living in sunny CA, and this is my first attempt at blogging.

I have secretly always thought of bloggers as glamorous. I’m sure, of course, that there are a few blogs nobody ever quite stumbles upon (no matter how poignant their entries may be). But for the Perez Hilton’s that rise above the masses to land a readership in the upper echelons of the blogging world, glitzy doors seem to fly open at the click of a mouse.

Edgy concerts and A-list club openings, chats about the debut du jour  of this or that up-and-coming fashion designer, wine tastings with the Kardashians and the respect of the chic-in-the-streets; this is the swag bag that the Perez’s of blog world seem to perpetually score.

Personally, I’ve started this blog because it’s actually part of the coursework for my Journalism 469 class at Pepperdine University. As of right now, I will be posting at random about things I like. This may or may not include entries on:

  • fashion

  • cooking

  • hair/makeup

  • painting

  • writing

  • events in Malibu and the LA area

  • how-to’s

  • desserts

  • exercise

  • music

  • dance (especially hip-hop…I’m obsessed)

  • people’s stories 

If I don’t post a follow-up blog tomorrow, assume it’s because my blog readership reached 1 million+ tonight and I’ve been invited to the premier of Jen Aniston’s latest movie, in which she plays a slightly varied version of the same role she’s been spinning on repeat since she left Friends.

Bad movies, great style.


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